Trapezoidal threaded bars

with nuts/lead nuts and components (B.F.C. Catalogue)


Barre filettate e componenti accessori

Threaded bars and accessories

  Chiocciole madreviti con componenti accessori

Nuts/Lead nuts and accessories


   B.F.C. product guide.

   Features of threaded bars.  

   Features of nuts/lead nuts.

   Tables and technical data. 


HIGH-HELIX TRAPEZOIDAL BARS available from stock




R80 steel threaded trapezoidal bars

with nitrided profile



Aluminium alloy trapezoidal threaded bars

with anodized thread


B.F.C. products information:

The trapezoidal threaded bars are machined out with right or left thread to 7e class 100 tolerances using precision equipment and in seven materials:  R50, R80, and R100 steel, AISI 303, AISI 304, and AISI 316 stainless steel, and aluminium (aluminum) alloy. The standard diameters range from TR10 - TR100 for steel, TR10 - TR60 for stainless steel and TR10 - TR40 for aluminium alloy. The entire range is subdivided into 3 categories: "IF" which is entirely threaded, "FC" which is threaded and has cylindrical shanks of the same nominal diameter as the screw, and finally "BID" bi-directional left/right thread in a single piece. Our threaed bars are well honed thanks to our experience and the technology we use in making them, guaranteeing less wear on contact with the screw, possibly lubricated with specific grease that we can also provide.  The threaded bar with machined terminals requires additional accessories in steel or stainless steel to be complete in the form of: stop rings, threaded sleeve nuts and locking rings, all produced by Bimeccanica. Our lead nuts are made in three standard types, flange, cylindrical and square and then in three types of material: bronze, nylon and steel and with accressories for better use guaranteeing maximum reliability with safety flanges, dust cups and safety supports that together with complementary accessories ensure that the client has the best performance and interchangeability of components.

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