Custom made products

to client's design

Special products to client's request and design

As well as our Standard products we can also produce, on request, screws, threaded bars, nuts, lead nuts and specific

components for mechancal drive transmission to the client's design.

Trapezoidal threaded bars, nuts/lead nuts with a special pitch

Bars and nuts/lead nuts can be threaded with an alternative pitch to the Standard "TR" norm of ISO 2901/2/3/4
  icona passi speciali filettatura trapezia

Standard trapezoidal threaded bars cut to requested lengths

The Standard threaded bars can be cut to length on request of the client/user
   vite trapezia tagliata a misura


Trapezoidal threaded bars with special surface treatments

Trapezoidal threaded bars are available with special surface treatments (burnishing, galvanising, nitriding and others)


 Trapezoidal screws and nuts to client's design

Screws and nuts supplied to client's design after checking feasibility and eventual technical agreements with the client/user


 Assembled with trapezoidal screw and components

Assembled for applications with trapezoidal screw, supplied on client's (user's) request/design



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