Manoeuvring Groups (G.D.M. Catalogue)

with Patented systems

Complete modular Groups, practical and durable, with standardised components and spare parts

  • Using a rotating screw (manual or motorised drive)
  • For movements of up to 6000 mm.
  • For horizontal or vertical use with maximum safety
  • Simplified and Patented system for axial play adjustment
  • Maximum interchangeability of worn parts                                                            

Additional G.D.M. product information:

Our innovative Manoeuvring Groups are the result of years of research and experience in the trapezoidal screw mechanical transmission sector. These Manoeuvring Groups, as we define them, are part of a technical project through which we have standardised assembled components. This new technology offers the machinery constructor the choice of a pre-built mechanical trapezoidal screw drive transmission, with technical innovations as described for each series, or alternatively assembling it themselves according to their needs using B.F.C. components.

The G.D.M. range


Compact Simple  

 The most simple and compact, for orizzontal movements.

Compact Steel  

The most simple and compact, whilst being solid and durable, and having good load bearing properties.

Compact Light 

Compact, light and stainless, very good for fast movements of light loads.


Excellent Steel 

Similar to the Compact Steel but more complete with protection of the scrolling parts.


Excellent Light 

Similar to the Excellent Steel, but lighter for fast movements of light loads,

(The support base can be made in aluminium alloy).



Tecnology K 

Maximum strength for heavy loads, accessorised for cleaning scrolling profiles.


Tecnology J 

Same qualities as the Tecnology K but with flange fitted.


Rotary Nut 

With drive transmission coming from the support or the mobile platform, stationary screw.

 componenti ed accessori per GDM    

Accessories for GDM 

for G.D.M. products.


   G.D.M. products guide.           G.D.M. technical data and tables.

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