Levelling Stabilisers

using trapezoidal screws


Product with adjustament from the head
of the trapezoidal screw.

Product with adjustament from above
(without having to kneel) for machinery
requiring frequent re-positioning.


Series "RB" 20/60

Product with adjustment from below
the trapezoidal screw.

 S.L.V. products general information:

The trapezoidal screw levelling stabilisers, designed and produced by us, result from the technical need to support medium to heavy loads with levelling adjustment and using standardised products.  The complete range comprises 18 models, for every size of trapezoidal screw from TR20 to TR60, subdivided into three series named RT, RA and RB, to be applied to the side of, or under, the machinery in order to optimise use according to the technical necessities. All of our stabilisers work exclusivelly in compression and for special applications we suggest the addition of accessories like non-slip base plates and anti-tip brackets.

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